The Extravagant Collection for me is an expression of contradictions brought together in perfect harmony into an exciting extravaganza piece. The creation originated from curiosity and correspondence with the environment of the modern world in order to express power, uniqueness and feminine tenderness – all blended in the modern woman. A design that is timeless, serving as a connection between the past and the future, corresponding with any stylish look, it’ll bring you to center of attention, thanks to the design of contradicting elements, all blended together into one unforgettable jewelry, in which the whole essence of feminine delicacy, depth and power are encrypted.

The Extravagant Collection is made of 925 Sterling Silver, German Silver and leather. The collection is composed of a wide range of various items of all sizes, including necklaces and earrings of different variations available for wearing in pairs, while two of the items are completing each other or a single piece of jewelry.

The stage is yours, if you have the extravagance in you…