Champagne & Caviar

A festive uncorking a bottle of champagne, the loud “pop” and sparkling splashes of the delicious liquid are all a symbol of any celebration or a victory worth of this name. The manifestation of any accomplishments or achievements, successful beginnings and endings of different journeys.
The luxurious caviar is a symbol of delicacy all around the world. It is being served in special dishes in order to preserve its quality, shape and color.
The combination of these represents quality, luxury, uniqueness and style.
The jewelry in this collection were inspired by a real celebration, in which you’ll definitely would like to participate.
The jewelry composed of Sterling 925 Silver and copper (the copper tends to oxidation, turns darker and better with time, just like a good wine). They’re blemished with black garnet stones, diamonds and champagne. The jewelry collection contains a wide range of rings and earrings of different sizes and variations, fitting both a separate and combined wearing.
You’re welcome to celebrate your victory in style.