A story of an inspiration

Inspiration is the main motive for creating, the muse visits you as an idea or as a visual resource.

Inspiration stimulates the desire to create and express ourselves. The source of inspiration reminds us of something by its very essence, evoking feeling and need to fulfill this memory that overwhelms us.

Approaching inspiration allows us to create amazing things and gives us inner strength we couldn’t even imagine, helping us to experience life to the fullest and reminding us the very reason for existence.

I draw the inspiration for my collections from everything around me, observing the nature, personal communications in the modern world, the visual and graphical correspondence of our life and even through wandering in museums, galleries and flea markets. All these elements are reflected in the jewelry design, aimed for creating the feeling, emotion and texture of a perfect item, as an eternal memory.

For me, inspiration is the most precious and powerful gift – it nourishes our mind and soul, providing joy and enormous satisfaction.

We’re immersed in creation daily, each of us in her own field of activity. The creativity is an expression of love, emotion, mind, intelligence, communication.

We’re not always aware of the reason for what we do. Where the idea comes from? Where the inspiration comes from?

As Pablo Picasso said… The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 

I live by it!

Truly Yours

Sofia Calo