My designs are beyond time

My designs are timeless, a connection between the past and the future.

I’ve absorbed my past from my mother and grandmother – both spent their life designing. My grandmother worked in a suits and hats factory, while my mother designed suits and coats in an atelier.

As a child, I remember the sound of sewing machines, the textiles spreading on the desk and the white chalk marking the lining of the model.

Grandma Hanna and Mommy Galia.

The love of materials, creation and planning is something you’re born with… Eventually, an amazing model emerges… A result of a draft crafted into perfect creation.

Our past and memories live inside us and accompany us throughout our love.

I’ve always had the desire to create, because I grow in the suitable atmosphere at home, I remember myself as a child, sitting down and trying to create myself. Once it was a brooch made of colorful pencils glued together, some other time I dared to sew a skirt for myself…

It was quirky, definitely not perfect, but I wore my creations proudly… Because I’ve made amazing items as well!!!

These memories and especially these emotions accompany me throughout my life, so it must be in my genes…

So, as I was exploring materials once again, this time it was metals, I was amazed by the design and planning, all of my memories came back and the circle was completed. That’s when I understood: this is what I want for myself – and nothing else!

When I start drawing and designing each of my models, there’s a strong connection between two points in my life: the past and the future, with all their asymmetries. They’re all wearing shape and coming to life in unique materials and textures which characterize the collections in my studio.

Love connects these 2 periods of my life.