Which length is perfect?

Did you know that wearing a necklace can improve your appearance

Some of my clients ask for my advice about the perfect length for necklace

...and here are my conclusions…

First, we must consider our height

Short than average

Longer necklaces help elongate the frame will fit proportions correctly also you can combine two necklaces one short alongside of your neck with long necklace no longer than 50 cm.

Average height

Any length of necklaces will suit the frame. also, you can combine few necklaces...

For tall / higher then average

Any length will suit but longer styles work well to accentuate the frame

Another issue that is important -face shape

Heart shaped

Necklaces 50 cm helps to soften the faces angles

Square/ oblong

Shorter style will soften the angels

Round/ oval

Necklaces 50-60 cm will elongate the face

This basic rule to match perfectly also important the top of blouse/dress…

As you can see there are some cuts of decollate for blouses and dresses this fact we must take in consideration.

To improve our appearance, we must match perfectly the shape and length of necklace

  • 1. off shoulder asymmetric- you can wear a very dominate necklace that covers your upper shoulder
  • 2.square angular- you can wear a big pendant on a chain, but it shouldn’t be longer then decollated cut
  • 3.streppless- perfect match for this cut is a choker alongside of your neck
  • 4.oval cut- perfect match is- shorter pendent with volume
  • 5.collar-perfect match is necklace or heavy chain alongside of your neck
  • 6turtleneck- perfect match is long heavy chain or big pendant
  • 7.sweethart cut-necklace or chain with big pendant that softly lays on top of yours decollate
  • 8.cowl feature- perfect match for this cut is long earrings
  • 9.bout neck- long and heavy chain
  • 10. collar-perfect match is short pendant or choker
  • 11.V neck-perfect match is shaped parents
  • 12halterneck-slim pendants on slim chain
  • it's so simple…
  • Truly yours
  • Sofia calo