what to wear and stuff

What to wear and stuff…


Are you familiar with this moment… when you wake up in the morning and you have no idea what to wear

Its starts all over again… we take all our closet out…piles and piles of clothes… then we decide in a split moment…what to wear... something that we didn’t plan at all…and that’s because we have no time in the morning to be creative…we have some weird missions to do

But we want to be stylish and cool when we attend our work place

So, let's put things in perspective

Fashion is social culture in many subjects. and with time it tends to change

Fashion is a symbol for social status and can put you in front

Maybe its all true … but we shouldn't forget about ourselves... our desires... love... taste

Not always what we have in a closet is the latest fashion. And not always what we love goes hand in hand with fashion

So… what we can do about that… it is so simple...

Don’t run after major sales… its confusing… we usually buy a lot of stuff that have no meaning. and we will never wear them. I was educated all my life… that its more meaningful to have one worthful peace than 10 that have no meaning

Don’t throw away things that you attached and love... you'll be sorry for that...bland them with new ones… its always refreshing

Just stay in your style... bring it out with accessories that match your appearance

Just be yourself in a better way...

And most important thing is stay calm and comfortable it will always make you stand out

Truly yours

Sofia Calo