Nice to meet you

Sofia Calo is a boutique studio, specializing in designing and creating fine jewelry, crafted by hand for expressing a deep sense of creativity, originating from the great strive for love, art and self-expression in extravagant yet elegant design.

The jewelry collection consists of wide variety of items, composed in different metals and beaded with gems and leather, including: necklaces, earrings, rings and more. These are offered for sale as part of generalized collections, as well as custom designs to fulfill the wishes of each customer.

When I first opened my store, my vision was to commemorate feminine power and grace as their embodied in the pieces I design alongside the modern perception of a woman’s’ nature.  The result is these wonderful accessories, reflecting a narrative of contradictions, corresponding with each other in perfect harmony, creating captivating, extravagant and exciting piece of art. For me, Sofia Calo is my home – my natural continuation as a creator, the safe haven for self-expression, as well as the fulfillment of my dreams, ambitions and desires. 

Each piece of jewelry is a story of inspiration of mine, a piece of art crafted in metal and materials, combined with love, meticulous work process and the highest attention to the smallest of details.

For me, designing and crafting jewelry is the perfect expression of feminine empowerment – a wonderful gift which holds a magical moment within itself, a symbol and appreciation of time’s eternity. 

I draw the inspiration for my collections from everything around me, observing the nature, personal communications in the modern world, the visual and graphical correspondence of our life and even through wandering in museums, galleries and flea markets. All these elements are reflected in the jewelry design, aimed for creating the feeling, emotion and texture of a perfect item, as an eternal memory.

Love is the driving force behind my jewelry. Love of art, self-expression, asymmetry – all these take shape and come to life thanks to materials and unique textures defining the collections in the studio.

My designs are timeless, a connection between the past and the future, corresponding with every fashion style in the most flattering way. For me, the jewelry is your opportunity to bring yourself upfront, to be daring, yet elegant and clean, transcending softness and femininity combined with strength and depth.

I’ll accompany you every step of the way in order to help you commemorating each milestone of your life with a unique jewelry, suitable for every event and experience. Every magical moment will be engraved as a jewel – a magical gift – a collection of gems – an eternal selection of precious moments and dearest memories.

Sofia Calo is a meeting spot for female empowerment, a source of inspiration for those who cherish artistic value and self-expression, in a relaxed and immersive experience. It is the place where you can flatter yourself, pamper a girlfriend and perpetuate an important moment in your family… Or just to create a piece that holds your own signature, designed and created especially for you, inspired by you.

Sofia Calo – your address for the perfect “me” time, empowerment and joy, the place to pamper yourself and be overflown with emotion.

I invite you to fall in love with yourself, one day at a time.

Truly yours,

Sofia Calo